10 fashion trends for 2023 according to experts

There’s no denying that the fashion moments of 2022 brought the heat. TikTok has come up with dozens of new aesthetics, shows like Stranger Things and Wednesday gave us fresh wardrobe inspo, Addison Rae owned a braided bikini, and Bella Hadid served up Y2K reality all year long. What could the fashion trends of 2023 have to compare?! A lot, actually — if you’ve been following all of the hottest fashion trends from the NYFW runways or checking out up-and-coming designers on IG, you know there’s some good stuff in store for fashion trends in 2023.

Generation Z is slowly turning the tides by influencing fashion houses and designers rather than being primarily influenced by them, a sentiment you may agree with after taking a look at the state of high fashion. Memes have simultaneously appeared on creator merchandise and the Vetements runway, Regencycore lives on as we indulge in lavish fashion and anticipate the next installment Bridgertonand bright 80s shades loved by Fendi and Emily in Paris they equally signal the return of the glittering decade.

As we look ahead to the new year and see the synergies between viral moments, TV shows and movies, and high fashion runways, we’ve picked out a few new trends that stand out to us. Here are some editor-approved fashion trends you’ll see at your FYP next year.

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Crochet core

If last year was the year of DIY crochet sweaters and colorful patchwork, 2023 is the year of its looser, lighter, more relaxed cousin. “Wired,” describes Instagram’s 2023 trend forecaster Emma Rogue. “Delicious but tough. It’s like subversive basic crochet.”

Look out for interesting knitwear in tie-dye, whimsical or graphic prints, and remember that crochet doesn’t have to be limited to sweaters — the loose, handmade knit can be used to make everything from shrugs to accessories. “My friends used to knit me headphone covers,” says Rogue.

Remains of a crocheted button on the front
Remnants of urban renewal crochet button on the front
Blaire Square Neck Crochet Sweater
UO Blaire Square Neck Crochet Sweater

Meme Fashion

Britney Spears’ “Dump Him” ​​T-shirt from the early 2000s walked so that Addison Rae’s “I Don’t Care” shorts could run from 2022. “Something unusual is happening on the runways – remember Loewe nail polish or cracked egg heels or Puppets & Puppets cookie bags,” explains trend forecaster Kendall Becker. “There’s a modern way to integrate irony into fashion. An easy way to achieve the look is through cheeky graphics that feel in tune with the internet culture of the moment.”

Content creators will continue to release funny, niche, wearables in 2023, while indie brands like Praying and high fashion brands like Vetements and Loewe will use funny, subversive and surreal designs and messages on their clothes. For everyday wear, our pick is the Niche Internet Micro Celebrity Instagram Kids T-Shirt which reminds us of a similar shirt Emma Chamberlain wore on holiday.

Dump Him t-shirt
Niche Internet Micro Celebrity T-Shirt
OG BFF Niche Internet Micro Celebrity T-Shirt


If you’re looking for a spring fashion trend for prom 2023, this is it. Regencycore encompasses the feminine gloves, puff sleeves, pale pastels and Empire-waisted dresses of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and the aesthetic can be seen in the collections of Markarian and Dennis Bass, who both embraced the luxurious embellishments of regencycore.

Becker calls out Sofia Coppola Maria Antoinette as an example. “[The movie] it’s over-the-top, but in the most perfect way,” says the trend forecaster. “Consider candy hues like baby blue, lavender, rose pink and cream yellow, corset detailing, bows on dresses and couture details, and gemstone jewelry cut for royalty .” We predict that the opulent, regal trend will continue to grow in popularity in the coming year, surging around the release Bridgerton Season 3.

Showtime Metallic Jacquard Mini Dress
Sister Jane Showtime Metallic Jacquard Mini Dress
Cher dress

Tulle, ruffles and feathers

Emily Cooper, is that you? The American in Paris was right about one thing – tulle is back in full force. 2023 will continue to see the rise of dopamine dressing (aka mood dressing) as we embrace quirky details and over-the-top accessories.

And you don’t have to style these pieces in a typically feminine or maximalist way if that feels intimidating or foreign. “While really anything goes if you love it, my best tip for feeling confident when trying a bolder trend is to re-pair it with staples or favorite pieces in your closet,” says Becker. You can choose to pair a feather-trimmed crop top with your signature jeans or wear a tulle dress with lace-up combat boots to cool down the look.

Amalya mini dress
Feather clutch bag
ASOS designer bag with feathers

Nostalgia of the 80s

Grab your headphones and a Kate Bush cassette, because we’re going back to the 1980s. “The ’80s were all about embracing a sense of daring from bright hues like cerulean, hot pink and citron to the art of power dressing through power suits,” notes Becker.

Bright suits and streetwear have been popular for a while now, so it makes sense that we’re back to the the era of tracksuits, leg warmers and brightly colored sportswear. Raf Simons and Tom Ford drew inspiration from the decade for their runway collections featuring sparkly gym shorts, suits and neon tights — all 80s-approved.

Light patchwork windbreaker
SweatyRocks lightweight patchwork windbreaker
Lettie Eagle Multicolor sneakers
Kurt Geiger London Lettie Eagle Multicolor Sneakers

Digital Lavender and Viva Magenta

Pantone recently announced Viva Magenta, a vibrant reddish-pink, as its color of the year for 2023. The color company explained NPR that the hue “combines the richness, warmth and strength of natural materials with the rich, open horizons of the digital world.” Trend forecasting firm WGSN also announced its own color of the year — Digital Lavender, a soothing, gender-neutral shade of purple. Don’t know which one you prefer? Wear both for a moment of full color.

Short-sleeved T-shirt suits everyone
Skims T-shirt for everyone
The perfect puffer jacket
Windsor Perfect Puffer Crop Jacket


Fans of the styles of Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa and Kylie Jenner will instantly recognize the jacket inspired by the Italian streetwear that celebrities love. “You can thank everyone’s recent obsession with Formula 1 for that,” explains Becker. The protective outerwear looks like something you’d wear while on the racetrack or competing in an off-road competition, but in a ~fashionable~ way.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of patchwork vintage leather jackets lately,” says Rogue. “And of course, many celebrities wear them.” We recommend you visit your local thrift store and see if you can snag something unique – don’t forget to scan the men’s section.

Wild Speed ​​patchwork jacket
EDIKTED Wild Speed ​​patchwork jacket
Cycling jacket made of artificial leather
Pull & Bear cycling jacket made of artificial leather

Y2K continues to rule

No surprises here — a favorite aesthetic from the early 2000s will still be trendy in 2023. If you’re ready to ditch some of the y2K trends you embraced last year or even the year before, rest assured that there are plenty of other trends from around the world that have yet to make a comeback .

“I honestly feel like skinny jeans could make a comeback,” admits Rogue. “Low-waisted jeans are definitely in, like boots styles from True Religion or Diesel or similar brands.” Whether you’re a low-waisted fan or want to stay far, far away, channel that same Y2K energy with embellished pockets on washed jeans with metallic details.

Chrome Hearts Wide Leg Jeans
EMMIOL Jeans with chrome legs Hearts

Now 29% off

Silver handbag with crocodile pattern
Loiral silver handbag with crocodile pattern

Utilitarian style

If the simplicity of practical clothing speaks to you, you might enjoy incorporating practical styles into your wardrobe for 2023. Utilitarian fashion tends to be functional as it draws inspiration from military, war and post-apocalyptic styles. Think cargo pants, buckles and belts, Carhartt jackets and belts.

“What I love this year is the range of iterations of cargo pants – you can find pairs in pink satin, cool denim options or chic cream pairs with more minimalist pockets. There’s really something for everyone today,” explains Becker.

Quilted jacket with flannel lining
Carhartt quilted jacket with flannel lining
Canvas cargo pants


We couldn’t make a list of 2023 fashion trends without acknowledging one of TikTok’s newest aesthetics: Barbiecore. The rise of the aesthetic has been fueled by the resurgence of hot pink thanks to Valentino’s F/W 2022/23 collection and further fueled by the upcoming adaptation of Greta Gerwig’s plastic doll story starring Margo Robbie. “I love the all-monochrome moment. Maybe in 2023, the new thing will involve a contrasting color,” Rogue muses. “Or different shades. Like some pastel, some light pink, some dark pink.”

And if hot pink seems too over-the-top, Becker recommends incorporating the color through accessories instead of a full-on look. “An all-black outfit with pink detailing through the shoes and purse is the perfect balance.”

Bright pink sweater dress with mock neckline
Lulus hot pink mock neck sweater dress

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Sam Icon leather medium shoulder bag
Kate Spade Sam Icon Leather Medium Shoulder Bag

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