5 French Fashion Brands to Shop in 2023 (No Trip to Paris Required)

5 fashion brands approved by French women to shop now

Head over to your Instagram discovery page and you’ll find loads of carefully curated images just for you – churned butter, sun-drenched Scandinavian interiors and snoozing kitties all featured in mine. Talia Loubaton, Parisian founder and designer Liberowe also relies on the platform as a way to discover interesting fashion designers and new luxury brands. Whether it’s tapping into your own brand page or simply a friend or favorite influential personThe latest OOTD, there’s no better way to keep up with what’s next for French women like Jeanne Damas and Anne-Laure Mais, even when she’s in London, her current home base.

These days, Loubaton is drawn to two seemingly paradoxical French-style aesthetics. “I love gender fluidity and also women who embrace their femininity even more in a very strong and confident way,” she says. The freedom to explore multiple aspects of one’s own personal style, while at the same time embracing it Parisian ease of dressing, it’s a fine balance, but easily achievable, even for those who may not be fashion industry insiders.

Loubaton will show his collection in Paris for the first time this season. “It will be a great achievement for me and for my brand,” she says. But, apart from big French fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Hermès, Celine and Yves Saint Laurent, or more famous French clothing brands such as Sandro, Maje, Zadig & Voltaire, Isabel Marant, Sehzane, Claudie Pierlot and Ba&sh, which are emerging labels with potential take off in 2023? Below, find five high-quality, Parisian-approved brands to put on your radar.

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Originally launched in 2013, this Stockholm-based label is a Frenchwoman and beloved in the fashion world for its minimalist, elevated take on “It” silhouettes. Shop this label if you too are looking for boots or even clogs that will transform your outfit from casual to cool. Add a coat, a Frankie Shop blazer or leather jacket and a Saint James Breton T-shirt for good measure.


Loubaton’s own brand specializes in jackets and tailoring, drawing inspiration from both Paris and India. The pieces are classy and elegant but, as with many high-end French fashion brands, can easily be styled with a pair of Veja sneakers and T-shirt while still feeling special.

Talia Byre

“I’m obsessed with Talia Byre right now, and not just because we share the same name,” says Loubaton of the London-based brand. “We also both graduated from the same master’s degree at Central Saint Martins. I just can’t get over how amazing the knitwear she designs and the colors she uses are – it’s definitely a brand pick for me.”

Tiphaine Guiran

Digital creator Tiffany Guiran lives in Provence, France, where she makes clothes and jewelry (she also sells vintage items). Pieces are often made to order, so when you choose something you know it was chosen especially for you.


First launched in 2020. Parisian handbag the Fane label is subtle and elegant, but with the extra attention to detail that is characteristic of luxury fashion. These stylish handbags are made to be worn every day and for years to come.

5 fashion brands approved by French women to shop now

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