7 new initiatives that drive the business of agencies

Transformational change sets the tone for 2023, with agencies looking to enhance their expertise with strategic partnerships and launches.

Whether it’s diving into the metaverse; using technology to understand data; optimizing the power of social marketing; or reinventing production platforms, these agencies are ready to tackle dynamic changes in market development and exceed client demands.

Developing new experiences in the Metaverse

The Metaverse provides a rich playground for marketers to leverage potential customer engagements, and Wunderman Thompson’s partnership with The Sandbox puts them at the center of this dynamic space. It enables agency clients to enter the Web3 culture with the best interactive experience for their brands.

Additionally, this partnership includes a training program that will be instrumental in upskilling thousands of agency creatives and technologists. There will be separate training for executives, creative practitioners and media experts and strategists.

Better optimization of digital campaigns

Playground xyz is a Publicis Groupe APAC partner with the goal of better understanding consumer attention on clients’ digital ad campaigns. While the importance of data is known, the issue of being able to meaningfully measure attention has not always been clear. This initiative is a game-changer in enabling digital campaigns to be more strategic and effective.

As this partnership progresses, both parties will also look to test the application of Playground’s attention-grabbing solutions to other advertising approaches and channels such as YouTube video ads.

Transformation of brand communications

Effective communication may seem like a basic and obvious criterion in every campaign. But it is also one that is most likely to be misperceived. Customer engagement is the ultimate goal of effective communication. But the many different platforms and channels of communication only add to the confusion with their many layers of disconnected messages.

Brown Forman wants to rethink brand communication by partnering with BBDO to remove barriers and deliver contextually relevant communication strategies. To facilitate this, Energy BBDO’s Shanghai office will serve as a regional hub for key Asian markets.

Creating personalized engagements with virtual identities

Rae is one of Asia’s biggest virtual influencers, a virtual identity created by CapitaLand (CLI) Investment. He has more than a million followers on Weibo and Instagram and has led campaigns for many global brands. Dentsu Singapore is now CLI’s innovation partner, tasked with managing Rae’s talent and overseeing business development.

It is a key partnership for dentsu to expand its global virtual identity solution, dentsu VI. dentsu VI is poised to capitalize on the growing demand for virtual engagements that provide immersive, humanized experiences. The possibilities for virtual identities are vast and can be applied to any online space such as e-commerce websites, social networks and live events.

Encouraging social marketing

Social media strategies remain an integral part of any campaign’s development, now more than ever before, and these are top influencers too. In Asia, 80% of social media users are likely to buy products when recommended by influencers they follow. BBDO Singapore’s partnership with Boom Digital Media addresses this huge scale-up potential.

The Boom founder is a highly successful TikTok influencer who has 35 million followers on his social media accounts and has amassed 10 billion views on his personal comedy sketches and videos on @mingweirocks. With this partnership, BBDO is able to provide brands with proven strategies that can leverage TikTok, which has completely disrupted the way people consume content.

Healthcare solutions that meet the boom

With health, pharma and wellness companies experiencing strong growth of late, Wunderman Thompson has brought its A game with the launch of its specialty healthcare practice to help brands deliver innovative, insight-driven products.

Wunderman Thompson Health is comprised of experts in creative, medico-legal, compliance and public health specialties. His expertise and insights create a unique positioning that is attractive to brands looking for a partner well versed in the nuances of healthcare marketing. The practice will ensure that technology, creativity and data drive the humanization of the healthcare and wellness experience for consumers.

Reinventing the production wheel

With integrated campaigns that require the production of a variety of content, the process can be time-consuming and expensive. Publicis Groupe-owned Prodigious India and Content Factory India now enable brands to create extensive branded content in a single shoot schedule with the launch of Supershoot, a proprietary production model.

Both companies combine specialized expertise in video, digital and print production to design, produce and deliver branded content across all channels. Supershoots was able to achieve up to 45% cost efficiency and deliver 4X more assets from a single production plan.

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