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This year’s Golden Globe Awards took place last Tuesday, January 10th, so of course I have to comment on the red carpet hits and misses that this year’s awards season celebrity mix brought us.

Unlike most years, I wasn’t actually stalking Twitter for real-time updates on the awards ceremony’s red carpet arrivals, but I did have the advantage of being able to see who really stood out with their fashion choices by the end of the night.

Let’s start with the best of the night. The first look that stuck with me was Jessica Chastain at Oscar de la Renta ahead of Fall 2023. The crystal, spiderweb-like dress has been a hot topic of discussion among fashion fans on Twitter for weeks, with speculation as to which celebrity will be the first to revive the dress — and Chastain did just that.

Hannah Einbinder she delivered perfect Old Hollywood glamor in a pre-Fall 2023 Carolina Herrera dress with a flared, inverted tulip skirt. To be honest, the first look stood out to me because it was practically the only dress on the carpet that night that wasn’t horribly wrinkled — split the steam!

Michelle Yeoh was my personal winner of the night at the Armani Privé Fall 2022 Haute Couture Collection.”Pétillant” — a term usually reserved for sparkling wine — was the cornerstone of the designer’s collectionwhich seemed very fitting in the case of Yeoh’s sparkly, midnight blue sequin dress, topped with a playful shimmery layered silhouette.

The last person I think deserves praise is – surprisingly – Eddie Redmayne. He’s not a man usually known for his red carpet choices, but when I saw him tonight, I could feel the change.

Redmayne’s monochromatic brown Valentino look — complete with a giant silk brooch — was very reminiscent of The Gucci look worn by Harry Styles at the Toronto International Film Festival last year, and on further research I found that now they share a stylist. It’s not the same as it was for Eddie (I couldn’t resist).

Now for the worst part of the evening – this was extremely bad. It’s the first Heidi Klum in the worst Germanier costume from Dancing with the Stars you’ve ever seen. It was asymmetrical and sheer, feathery and sparkly in all the worst ways. I honestly don’t know why she wore that to the Golden Globes.

And finally, Margot Robbie. I should have known that she tasted freedom the new street style of Bottega Veneta it was too good to be true, because judging by this red carpet look, it’s clear that Robbie is still in the clutches of that Chanel deal. Everything just feels awkward about this look, from the too-short proportions to the way her 2013-style stripes look like they’ve been torn by cats towards the bottom. Let this woman go, Chanel!

And that’s the end! I could go on, but it would be really depressing to have to sift through TikTokers on the red carpet for the literal Golden Globes, and I’m not going to do that to myself.

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