Air China unveils a brand new business class cabin on the Airbus A350

The new cabin features seats with state-of-the-art ergonomic features and a reclining length of nearly 80 inches.

Beijing-based Air China has unveiled a brand new interior for its business class on the Airbus A350. Photos of the cabin, which includes touches of traditional Chinese culture, were posted on the airline’s Facebook page on Friday.

Among its eye-catching design, the new cabin features mini-apartment-style seats that, while still in a high-density layout, allow for passenger space and more than six feet of lie-flat bed length. The revelation comes after Air China first announced cabin upgrades in 2021.


Look from the inside

The new Recaro CL6720 business class seats are a vital element of the interior. According to TheDesignAir’s Jonny Clark, the new seats replace the existing Super Diamond seats found on the rest of the A350 fleet with more condensed seats (LOPAs). Similar to the full-size suite seen in some aircraft interiors, the seats have full-height walls that add the benefit of privacy. However, Air China seems to have given up on fitting mini-suites with doors, as the design allows for it.

The Air China version of the seat reportedly has a new design on the purple seats. The blue walls on the sides of the suite light up the cabin and go well with the color of the seats. The chairs have the traditional look and feel of seats on other carrier aircraft, but the small brushed gold trim adds a deeper layer to the overall palette, according to Clark.

Clark also mentioned the apparent reduction in personal space compared to the Super Diamond seats, but it’s unclear whether specific A350s will be used on specific routes.

Air China's new A350 cabin

Photo: Air China

Air China New A350 cabin.

Photo: Air China

It provides more accommodation while being spacious

The seat manufacturer said the CL6720 allows airline customers to travel in style.

β€œThe CL6720 elevates luxury to new realms with generous living space and best-in-class comfort features. It is nothing less than the next generation of business class travel. The new CL6720 creates a mini-apartment experience through optional sliding doors and individually adjustable settings. Increased living space and superior style with high-quality finishing materials create what we call “traveling in style”. A generous and versatile storage room provides enough space for all personal belongings. While this business class seat lacks nothing, it is one of the most efficient and lightest seats in the industry.”

Air China's new A350 cabin.

Photo: Air China

Air China's new A350 cabin.

Photo: Air China

To promote its state-of-the-art new business class chair, Recaro also shared some of the highlights of its mini-suite:

  • Layout efficiency: Maximum space for passengers in a high-density layout
  • The mini-apartment experience: sliding doors and partitions for privacy
  • Maximum comfort: the best seat kinematics and cushion comfort in the class
  • Generous storage space: enough space for personal belongings
  • Contemporary design: attractive style, high quality trim and finish
  • Total Cost Ownership: RECARO quality and reliability in every detail

A game changer in the industry

Recaro said the CL6720 includes state-of-the-art ergonomic features such as multiple comfort positions, a six-way adjustable headrest, premium foam technology and a 78″ (1.98 meter) lie-flat bed length.

With the new discovery, Air China sets the bar high for other long-haul competitors. Historically, Chinese carriers’ long-haul cabin products have lagged behind most other airlines with long-haul aircraft.

Source: TheDesignAir

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