Berlin Fashion Week is off to a great start

Berlin Fashion Week is off to a great start

Local authorities are involved in promoting and supporting the event, which reinforces Berlin’s record as a major hub for creative industries

Berlin Fashion Week opened with a bang on Monday. More than 350 guests from the domestic and international political, cultural and creative scene came to the event in the German capital. By an unfortunate turn of events, the last edition in 2021 was held in Frankfurt.

This year the event returned home, where it started in 2007. Berlin Fashion Week has been an important magnet for the city, in terms of consolidating its position as an important creative center in the European Union.

This edition came with a contest called “Berlin contemporary“. The award is sponsored by Department of the Senate for Economy, Energy and Businessemphasizing the importance of fashion for the urban environment as a whole.

Designers and clothes

To start the event, DER BERLINER SALON, as an authority on German design, he presented 44 designers and manufacturers in the stilwerk KantGaragen – the central venue of the event. The designs presented were both German and Ukrainian fashion houses As Société Angelique and Jean Gritsfeldtthe hybrid concept The Twins by Tutia Schaad and Michael Sontag, Iranian-Canadian hat designer Maryam Keyhani, interior labels New Tendency and Vaust Studio.

In classic German fashion, with a purpose of play, the designs contained a mixture of avant-garde, with a pinch of politics and solidarity – a reflection of the aesthetic state and authenticity of Berlin.

The second day continued with a full schedule of shows at Berlin Contemporary, showcasing the best of sustainable fashion at KantGaragen. Fashion house Rianna + Nina presented its new collection Greek summer – inspired by the look of luxurious vintage fabrics in the intimate salon atmosphere of the Regent Hotel.

The city is getting into fashion

Stephan Schwarz, Senator for Economy, Energy and Public Enterprises, it was quoted in a press statement explaining that Berlin stands for creativity, diversity and progress. He pointed out the fashion industry as a great contribution to the domestic scene, praising the creativity of designers in combining de jour issues such as diversity and sustainability.

On the other side, Christiane Arp, co-initiator of the Berlin Salon and president of the Fashion Council Germany, he reiterated this point by explaining that the new generation of designers is dealing with new problems that concern everyone.

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