BTS’s J-Hope Brings Pizza to the Hermès Show at Paris Fashion Week; V for Celine? Who robs in RM?

It’s not every day that one comes across multiple BTS members separately for the same occasion. They are all either huddled together, conquering the world, or individually progressing in their solo endeavors. However, this year’s Paris Fashion Week was graced with the presence of BTS members one by one (or even two in some cases), as they slowly make their way to luxury brands.

Earlier this week, rapper J-Hope became the first of the group to make a solo appearance at a fashion event this year for his appearance at the Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall-Winter 2023 fashion show. Dressed in an eye-catching cut, he looked like the fashionista the group is known for Yes it is. The following day, at the Dior Men’s Fall/Winter 2023-2024 fashion show, brand ambassador Jimin was joined again by J-Hope as they both sat front row at the event, hanging out with model Naomi Campbell, actor Robert Pattinson and David Beckham.

J-Hope for Hermès

On January 21st, J-Hope proved his status as a Paris Fashion Week headliner by being invited to be a special guest at yet another fashion show. The BTS member was reserved and busy presenting and spreading his influence at the Hermès Homme Winter 2023 show. Dressed in black trousers with a gray shirt on top, the highlight of his outfit was a beautiful blazer with teal detailing on the lapels and black gloves to complete the look . With his hair falling gently over his eyes, he carried sunlight and joy with him wherever he went. The true essence of a global superstar, his presence drew attention to the brand’s fashion event for all the right reasons.

V for Celine

Next in line to appear is rumored to be BTS member V for the Celine brand. Having been associated with the label for some time now, Kim Taehyung (V’s real name) seems to have been welcomed with open arms. Following V’s participation in Celine’s spring-summer 2023 menswear collection, where he was spotted alongside BLACKPINK’s Lisa and actor Park Bo Gum, his presence in the fashion world has become a hot topic. While the other 2 artists have been announced as brand ambassadors, V has not confirmed his contract.

However, fans seem to think V is likely to make an appearance at the upcoming Celine Homme Winter 2023 fashion show after Claude Roudil, Celine’s Image Artistic Director shared fan-submitted invitations on his Instagram story. Moreover, the fan-made invitation had another name which was none other than J-Hope of BTS whose account was also tagged on it. Although nothing has been confirmed from either side so far, V’s influence can go a long way in favor of the brand. The current surge in sales for Dior following the appointment of fellow BTS member Jimin as brand ambassador gives a clear idea of ​​what to expect. However, V’s partnership with Celine on an ambassadorial level seems unlikely as they already have another super famous South Korean star as well as another K-pop icon on their faces.

RM for Bottega Veneta or Calvin Klein?

Another hot topic currently being discussed in the fashion world is BTS leader RM’s possible contract with the brand. Earlier, due to him wearing multiple outfits from Bottega Veneta while promoting his album, officials from the brand were said to be rushing around trying to land the ‘Indigo’ hitmaker a deal. Their suspicions were further supported by Matthieu Blazy, the brand’s creative director, and Dario Gargiulo, the director of marketing and digital operations who follow on RM’s Instagram. Laura Nycole who turned the spotlight on New Bottega also changed her profile picture to grey, and maybe because of the announcement of RM as an ambassador. In addition to them, mokjungwook, who was filming for RM’s ‘Indigo’, also turned gray recently.

However, his recent activity on social media points to another possible ambassadorship. RM changed his Instagram profile picture to a gray solid background. Fans are connecting the dots as he also changed his bio to “for eternity”, which is also a Calvin Klein perfume line with a gray tone design.

There may be a lot of theories to be debunked, but looking at the huge list of possible new brand deals for BTS members proves once again their global influence. With SUGA already promoting Maison Valentino ESSENTIALS, as well as being named as part of their new Di.Vas, it looks like BTS’ fashion takeover year has only just begun.

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