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Business has become a ministry for Clint and Marcia Daniel

Published 11:36 am Saturday, January 14, 2023

In a storefront window at the corner of Alamo and Common Street, a sign advertises “Free Prayer.” It’s not a church. It’s a natural medicine store.

“We started this business about five years ago when my husband Clint suddenly lost his job,” said Marcia Daniel. “We didn’t know exactly what it would be that we would do at the time but we did know, as believers, that whatever it was, we were going to do it for God’s glory.”

Daniel said “all of it, even my husband losing his job” was part of God’s plan.

Her husband was a pharmacist for 30 years. He started studying and researching natural medicine about 25 years ago, finally getting to the point that his preference was to help people “stay well” with a more “whole person” approach that didn’t always include pharmaceuticals. So, he decided to open a store that offers natural medicine products, essential oils, nutrient testing, hormone testing, food allergy testing, gastrointestinal testing, test interpretations and consultations.

“We don’t sell whole foods, but since Rita’s Vitamart closed after the hurricanes, I know a lot of people are looking for that…maybe someday,” Daniel said.

In the process of taking the time to listen to people during consultations, Clint Daniel soon realized that many of the health issues they were there to address were “never just a physical thing” and it wasn’t long until the business evolved into much more than a business. It became a ministry.

“We had purchased some blank signage to advertise products and Clint decided to put ‘Free Prayer’ on one to see if people were interested in that,” Daniel said. “It’s crazy how many people responded. Some come in and never look at the stuff on the shelves and ask, ‘What’s this prayer thing about?'”

The Daniels also keep a journal to continue praying for individuals after they come in. They have had good reports from a couple of people, but for the most part nothing like anyone coming in one day for prayer and then coming in the next to say how his or her life has changed because of prayer. One thing is certain. This praying, often for strangers they have never met and likely won’t see again, is changing them, according to Daniel.

“I feel compassion when I see how desperate people are for God to work in their lives,” Daniel said. “I am thankful God is letting me be a part of this.”

Daniel said the compassion she feels is beyond making a human connection or showing kindness, although that’s certainly part of it. The praying has changed her focus, and her husband’s focus.

“God has made my husband see that if this store does nothing more than bring in enough profit to keep the doors open so that we can pray for people, that’s what we’re here for.”

To the Daniels, prayer is the privilege of communicating with God, the creator, partnering with him while He does His work in people’s lives.

“We don’t have any power,” Daniel said, “but He does. He can heal through medicine, diet and exercise, by bringing someone home to him. He is in all of that. He’s sovereign. I don’t pretend to know how He works or how prayer works. I only know that we’ve been called to pray.”

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