Carla Rockmore became famous on the Internet by sharing fashion tips. Here’s how her mission expanded.

How much of a fashion and makeup model is your mother?

Ivy: One of the biggest if not the biggest. I think sometimes we have, you know, maybe a little different style taste. But it, as well as institutional knowledge and fashion itself, are so, so useful. And also the fact that she exudes confidence in her wardrobe. You know, that’s her happy place too. In a way, it allows me to feel more confident, not only in myself, but also in the way I express my gender through clothing.

Carla, what is your background? How long have you been involved in fashion?

Carla: Oh, God. I’ve been a clothing designer all my adult life, and I did that for about 20 years, and then I turned it into jewelry design. When my kids came along, I couldn’t go to Asia regularly to look at clothes. That’s how it kind of rolled out.

And yes, I have always understood that I can express myself without words through my wardrobe. I think there’s a parallel between Carrie [of “Sex and the City”] and I manifested: We both understand the power of non-verbal communication. And, you know, I’m a bit of a chameleon in that way. I can gravitate towards a very minimalistic, clean look one day, then put on full ruffles and bows the next. I will not put myself in a box. It’s the way I express myself.

Carla, it’s probably fair to say that your closet doesn’t look like most of our listeners’ closets. What would you like to share with the average Texan about fashion?

Carla: I think what I would like to say is that you have to listen to your gut. And the best way to do that is to, if you’re interested in fashion, look at what’s happening down the catwalk—but don’t use it as a doctrine. Instead, use your own, you know, weather vane. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t force yourself to wear it just because you think everyone else is wearing it. If you really like something, I let every woman buy the same pair of pants in 10 colors, if that makes you feel good.

Ivy, as you continue to explore fashion, what do you think we can expect from you that is a little different from your mom?

Ivy: That’s a really good question. I think, honestly, my mom knows more about styling than I do. So I’m just at a stage where I’m figuring out, you know, what really suits me in terms of my personal style. I think I’m just exploring more and hopefully will see my style evolve into a more defined aesthetic, if that makes sense, over the next few years. But honestly, my mom is just a real role model and proves that you don’t really need to define yourself by one particular thing. You know, you can wear patterns one day and only solid colors the next.

Carla: That. And you know what else, Ivy? You never stop growing, so you never have to feel pressured to have a defined style.

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