Cassida Pro announces the RevolAIR SR-B1 Retail Cash Room solution

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cassida Pro launched its RevolAIR SR-B1 today during NRF in New York, offering ways to standardize and automate cash operations just in time at a fraction of the cost of a back office recycler. The low price of the Cassida Pro RevolAIR SR-B1 split recycler makes checkout automation accessible to all high-volume multi-lane retailers. Its human-centered design and patented approach make outdoor cash recycling fast and accurate.

Another offering in the RevolAIR family, the SR-B1, is an outdoor recycler that enables retailers to automate cash handling procedures within centralized and decentralized cash operations. Cassida’s RevolAIR product family has created a middle class of automation in retail cash management, bridging the gap between the fully automated back office recycler and the lack of automation in the scale/towel counting operation. The SR-B1 provides users with 80 percent of the features of a recycler for only 10 percent of the price, making it a more economical and time-efficient way to process cash. The RevolAIR SR-B1 features i-button technology, which enables unlimited permission-based features and automated workflows.

All Cassida Pro RevolAIR split recyclers process and inventory cash and coins and allow customization of solutions based on individual business needs. RevolAIR is on the Cassida Pro checkout support platform based in San Diego, offering a service that does not require on-site technicians. The patented RevolAIR enables session-based counting, packaging and inventory recording of all on-site cash registers, tills and drawers, as well as all cash storage facilities such as safes and change drawers. It is ready to integrate into all banking and backend software packages and via mobile or LAN API feeds, eliminating manual input.

Cassida Pro RevolAIR split recyclers are a proven solution for retail cash registers, with more than 2,500 US retail locations currently processing 12 million bills and eight million coins per day. Cassida Pro POS Engineers offer consulting services from discovery to implementation and ongoing product support for any multi-lane business. Cassida Pro enables retailers to manage cash operations in a timely manner at a fraction of the cost of a back office recycler.

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About Cassida Pro:

Cassida Pro is a division of Cassida North America, America’s number one brand in enterprise grade cash handling solutions. For more than a decade, Cassida North America has enabled small businesses to count, detect and process cash. The company has now built the innovative Pro Series brand specifically to serve banks, financial institutions and larger retailers who need powerful, accurate and advanced solutions to meet their high volume cash handling needs.

All Cassida Pro series products are developed to solve real needs. We work directly with associates, tellers, cashiers and cashiers, using their feedback and insight to build better, more intuitive products that streamline processes, save time and improve cash handling efficiency. The Cassida Pro product range continues to evolve through the ongoing development of our US-based product development team.

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