Chamber SC, DEW launches business barometer survey | National news

COLOMBIA The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and the SC Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) are collaborating to launch the Palmetto Business Barometer, a voluntary monthly survey to better understand the conditions facing South Carolina employers and inform the public about the state’s economy and workforce.

The survey measures business conditions and attitudes over time with an emphasis on workforce behavior.

The SC Chamber administers the Palmetto Business Barometer survey, and DEW analyzes the data to determine how business conditions, needs and expectations are changing. Aggregate data collected will be published online, but individual responses will remain confidential. In addition to informing state policymakers and advocates, the survey results will benefit South Carolina employers by providing a useful comparison to other business practices in the state.

“This survey is a great opportunity to hear directly from businesses about the challenges they face and what best practices are for them,” said SC Department of Employment and Workforce Executive Director Dan Ellzey. “By publishing the survey results, we’re helping employers compare notes, as well as understand what others in the state are doing right, so they can emulate and improve. Regardless of your company’s size or industry, your opinion matters and can have a huge impact on South Carolina’s business growth and state policy.”

“Just from surveying our membership, we know that South Carolina businesses are facing many obstacles from rising costs to labor shortages,” said SC Chamber Vice President of Governmental Affairs Will Frierson. “With economic uncertainty looming in 2023, we need to know what businesses are facing on the front lines and how conditions are changing for better or worse. This research will allow us to monitor trends and advocate for real solutions based on clear data.”

The first round of the Palmetto Business Barometer survey was released on Monday, January. Businesses have until January 22nd to complete a short survey of 12 questions.

The survey will reopen on February 6th and will continue to open on the first full week of each month throughout 2023 for each new survey round.

South Carolina businesses of all sizes and industries are encouraged to participate in the survey. The survey is anonymous and takes an average of three minutes to complete. Access the January Palmetto Business Barometer survey here. For more information, contact [email protected] and [email protected]

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