Charles Leclerc reveals he talks fashion with Lewis Hamilton, who owns the +44 clothing collection

In 2020, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc revealed his love for fashion and how he wants to follow fashion retailer Lewis Hamilton’s footsteps in the industry.

Now, in a recent interview with Gazzetta, the Ferrari driver revealed that he has been discussing fashion brands with Hamilton. The Monegasque even praised the Briton’s choice of clothes and his taste.

Hamilton often appears on the track in daring and unusual outfits and while many criticize him for this, there are several of his fellow drivers who want to follow in his footsteps in the industry.

Appreciating the seven-time world champion, Leclerc also added that Hamilton has a lot of courage to show the strangest appearance when he comes to the track.

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Charles Leclerc wants to start his own clothing line

A few months ago, Lewis Hamilton launched his own clothing line called +44 store. The seven-time world champion even collaborated with a $100 million Japanese artist to design some unique clothing.

Similarly, the Monegasque driver wants to start his own project with a clothing brand. However, as it turned out, he founded his own fashion company under the umbrella of ‘CLACE’.

The company was dedicated to finding environmentally friendly materials to replace things made of plastic.

However, speaking to Gazzetta, Leclerc revealed that he started the project but stopped and hopes to do something similar in the future.

Carlos Sainz hopes to benefit from Leclerc’s strong relationship with Vasseur

Ferrari has appointed Fred Vasseur as its new team boss ahead of the 2023 season. The Frenchman is said to have experience with both Ferrari drivers and will therefore succeed in the Scuderia’s quest for the championship.

Vasseur was Leclerc’s team boss at Sauber in 2018, while Sainz’s relationship with Vasseur was less well known.

Critics therefore believe that this could create some sort of barrier between the two drivers and put Sainz at a disadvantage.

Although Sainz doesn’t see it the same way. The Spaniard believes that the past relationship between the new team boss and Leclerc will help the new boss settle into life at Ferrari more quickly.

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