Colm Dillane, Fashion Get Roasted by Comedians at KidSuper’s Fall Show – WWD

How do you follow the hosting of the Louis Vuitton men’s collection and the fashion spectacle that included the performance of the hit Spanish singer Rosalía?

When you’re Colm Dillane, you invite 1,500 of your closest friends and fashion denizens — plus anyone who sees your wild poster campaign — to KidSuper’s fall fashion show.

Needless to say, the crowd outside the Casino de Paris music hall was epic — and hardly as entertaining as his show “Funny Business,” hosted by Tyra Banks, with her and guest comedians wearing looks from the fall collection.

“Look at this turnout, I’m guessing it’s all the people who couldn’t get into the Louis Vuitton show,” gushed “one-man verbal assault unit” Jeff Ross, dressed in a look he described as perfect for fishing with Elton Ivan.

The 20 or so outfits in KidSuper’s fall collection were as bold and relentless as ever, and a little more legible. By reining in the exuberance of his graphics and embellishments, he allowed his keen eye for construction to stand out even more, adding fuel to the fire of speculation that he might grab the great man’s job at Vuitton.

Dillane showed off tailoring a suit as wicked as some of the jokes, like the lilac satin-trimmed ones worn by Emmy-nominated actress Yvonne Orji and the burgundy velvet ones he and the ushers wore, embroidered with Casino de Paris. facade.

A “kissable” painter’s coat and matching trousers that Andrew Santino said looked like he worked in black as an art dealer, and a blue puffer version of the same design worn by J Balvin also hit the spot.

Showing non-models was his way of projecting his designs onto the “normal people” who wear them. On stage, the cast certainly looked like “confident bodies” as Dillane described when he later joked that he did “a lot for body positivity.”

The evening itself showcased fashion as an attitude as much as a desirable product, from the moment Banks introduced herself as “Tee-ra Bon-ksss,” as the French pronounce her name.

Hilarity ensued over the next hour for an audience that included Dillane’s parents, Westside Gunn, “Emily in Paris” star Lucien Laviscount, as well as Kodak Black and his companion of the week, Queen’s one-year-old daughter Yuri Kapri.

No posturing was off limits to those on stage, least of all Dillane himself, who was criticized for everything from his sanity and masculinity to his association with Louis Vuitton.

France’s passion for butter, Balenciaga’s ad controversy, Kanye West, Alexander Wang, French first lady Brigitte Macron were among those targeted by Banks, Ross, Balvin, Orji, Santino, French comedian Fary, Matteo Lane, Louisiana’s Theo Von and Stavros from Baltimore Halkais. Most of the jokes were too cheesy and bordering on libel to be reprinted here.

But there were sweet moments amidst the salty humor. Andrew Schultz of New York reminded the audience of Dillane’s beginnings as a scrappy entrepreneur selling T-shirts to those waiting in line outside the Louis Vuitton flagship store.

“Now he sells his shirts in the shop. As [Dillane] I would say, anything is possible,” Schultz concluded.

“Knock, knock,” Dillane asked just before the curtain closed. When asked in the room who was there, he replied “new brand in town”.

And then he dropped the microphone.

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