Downtown business rebounds after storm — Merced County Times

Business partners Rhiannon Heim and Angel Deliman are struggling to rebuild their dream after recent storms caused serious damage to their high street shop. However, the two are grateful for the support they have received from the Merced community.

Shortly after closing time on Monday, Jan. 9, water from a steady rain poured through the roof of the downtown Cloud 9 office building at 234 W. Main St., half a block from the Merced Theater.

Heim and Deliman suddenly found themselves working endlessly for the next few days, trying to prevent further damage and salvage what they could – while taking turns watching each other’s children.

To make matters worse, new floods and roof damage occurred during the week. Unfortunately, the office space was forced to close and will remain so until further notice as the owners continue cleaning and looking for renovations.

Heim and Deliman took the reins of Cloud 9 and officially reopened the business nearly five years ago, in July 2018. The ambitious move follows Deliman’s tumultuous but successful battle with cancer. Inspired, the two embarked on their business adventure with the goal of creating a safe space as well as providing goods and supplies for those in the metaphysical/spiritual community. Since then, they’ve managed to do exactly what they’d hoped, and on top of that, they’ve managed to build a community so strong that it will have a fighting chance when faced with the aftermath of the historic storm.

“We’re just so, so, so grateful to everyone who has rallied around us — whether it’s handiwork or just love, messages, well wishes and prayers,” Deliman told the Times during an interview.

Heim said afterward, “It was really amazing to feel the love coming back.”

Some examples of such incredible support include Moore Janitorial and Cleaning, as well as Broadway Laundromat, who donated time, supplies and services essential to their relaunch. If you want to help, you can donate to their GoFundMe ( or get in touch via Instagram (@cloud9.collections). Plus, to raise funds, the duo is making and selling goodie bags for $25, which come with necklaces, candles, stickers and more! You can also call or text (209) 261-6235 to start ordering or text the owners.

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