Fashion decisions for your vision board

The New Year is always a time to reinvent ourselves and start over, through planning, resolutions and manifestations. And while we’re busy planning for the New Year, now would also be a great time to align some new and fresh fashion preferences with all those vision board goals and aspirations.

I mean, that new business venture you’re aiming for, or that promotion, could certainly use a wardrobe makeover or style rethink to give you the boost and confidence you need to conquer this year. Here are some style decisions you can work toward in 2023.

Learning more accessories will not only give your look a fresh edge, it’s a surefire way to change up your style to make it highly visible to everyone. Shopping for more jewelry can be intimidating for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of accessories. But you can start by making your earrings bolder and bigger or maybe adding bracelets. And it’s not something you should limit to your night out look, but even the workplace. You can layer your collars or add layered earrings to your Monday workplace look.

Stay away from fast fashion trends

Keep in mind that the main goal here is to redefine your style and create an aesthetic that will allow you to feel your best and boost your confidence. This is why your shopping options should be kept away from fast fashion trends. Instead, look for pieces that have an element of longevity. Choosing the latter means you can wear your clothes for longer, without worrying about them going out of style, which often happens with fast fashion.

One of the most popular trends on the ASFA red carpet last year and at other social events, were replica looks that many guests chose from popular Nigerian celebrities or other celebrities. This not only denies the Ugandan designer the opportunity to be creative and expressive with their own work, but also does not give credit for the creativity to the wearer. So this is the year to make our fashion choices more personal and less what we see on the gram. Discover what your style aesthetic is and what works for your body type, skin tone and comfort levels. You’d be shocked at how well your mind can create when you give it a chance.

Pandemic 2020 has given birth to many talents and skills; some of which we didn’t even know we were capable of. So, learn something new about fashion this year. It could be learning to apply your own makeup, which could end up saving you many trips to your makeup artist every weekend. It could be an additional source of income for you, considering how popular it has been lately. Finding a new skill is a great addition to your vision board and could end up giving you a lot of satisfaction.

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