Fashion designer Ron Dyce’s seamless transition from construction to high-end clothing

Soul mates or only relatives? Ronald Dyson, a resident of Brooklyn, found himself in good standing thanks to his wife’s penchant for designer shoes. But his partner’s spending habits also awakened his own passion for fashion. After all, Dyson has always boasted a talent for art and design—he initially left New York to study architecture in Virginia. Eventually, he managed to run a successful construction company. Dyson still manages that company today, but his dream to design fashion could not be denied.

“I’ve decided, let me call again [with the] fashion is part of my passion – what I’ve always wanted to do,” he said. “So I did my research. I started researching some of the major luxury designers or the type of fabrics or different manufacturers they use. It took me about three years before I I really figured out what direction I wanted to go in.”

In 2019, the self-taught Dyson rolled the dice with his fashion brand Ron Dyce. Growing up in the church, he always wanted to make shoes with gilded soles to symbolize the scriptures about the streets of heaven paved with gold. Dyson had less success, but the pandemic soon arrived.

While others were learning to bake or play an instrument, he understood the complexities of intellectual property law and secured a long-term patent for those gold-soled shoes. Dyson soon branched out into designing clothes, inspired by the tailored suits his late father always wore. He focused on women’s pieces and soon several photoshoots put him on the map. A publicist noticed and Ron Dyce’s popularity exploded. Today, the brand’s Instagram @officialrondyce has more than 130,000 followers.

“From 2021 to now, I’ve been published more than 100 times in more than 60 fashion magazines in that short period of time, so it kind of took off,” Dyson said. “People love my designs and styles.”

Last year, he presented his women’s collection at New York Fashion Week thanks to the brand’s early success. This year, Dyson is hosting his own show on February 12 in Brooklyn. He hopes to showcase his “ultimate collection,” featuring all four seasons — it is New York City, after all.

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