Fashion-Enter, partner of the Fashion Impact Fund for upcycling fashion

Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) and the Fashion Impact Fund hope that the collaboration will enable 15 women to develop practical skills in sewing and processing for the fashion and textile sector free of charge.

The four-day course, which takes place from 13-16 February 2023 in London, will teach participants how to take measurements correctly, how to thread an industrial sewing machine, learn different stitches and tensions and understand how to cut fabric according to a pattern.

It will also cover how to cut fabric according to a pattern, share insights into different fabrics and how they differ in handling, how to sew straight lines, around corners and how to shape sleeves, as well as how to make a garment from a pattern.

Both Fashion-Enter Ltd and the Fashion Impact Fund are committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and FEL’s courses aim to teach practical sewing skills with a focus on reworking and repair to ensure the longevity of garments.

The four-day course will also cover techniques on how to rework an existing garment and tailor an existing garment.

FEL Chief Executive, Jenny Holloway explains: “Working with a grant from the Fashion Impact Fund, we are now able to offer free places to 15 women on the popular sewing and crafting course in February. This can then lead to a free level 2 course with a link and the FEL team can further support job interviews and apprenticeships. “

Kerry Bannigan, founder and chief executive of the Fashion Impact Fund added: “Jenny is firmly committed to the ethical production of clothing in the UK. We are pleased to provide a grant to the program in support of Fashion-Entera’s commitment to the training, development and development of the women’s fashion industry to create new jobs or enable entrepreneurship. We are grateful to Jenny and her team for running the workforce development courses that play a key role in shaping a just transition for the future of fashion.”

The course will take place at FC Designer Workspace, 9 Durham Road, London N7 7FB, and places are still available.

Last March (2022), Fashion-Enter’s CEO Jenny Holloway told Just Style exclusively at the launch of the world’s most sustainable clothing microfactory that one-stop ‘pixel-to-pack’ clothing creation is the future of fashion and to survive, the industry needs to embrace it .

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