FashWire, GlossWire and CasaWire to get AR, VR features

After years of tackling challenges and using fashion to support meaningful causes in the real world, FashWire founder and CEO Kimberly Carney plans to take the next act of her business virtual.

As much a business-to-business data platform as it is a consumer-facing fashion and beauty shopping hub, the company was at CES in Las Vegas last week to tout CasaWire, its recently launched homewares and interior design division. While promoting the initiative, Carney exclusively told WWD that augmented and virtual reality features are coming not only to CasaWire early next year, but also to FashWire and GlossWire soon after.

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“What we’re really hoping to create with the machine learning, AR and VR that we’re bringing is that 3D vision of a room that you can actually walk into and see what it would look like in your living room or kitchen and so on,” Carney said. “We’re bringing that to FashWire, where you have that runway look, where you can see the clothes and every side.”

Augmented and virtual reality fit naturally into home furnishing, and once that initial development is achieved, it can serve as a foundation to adapt and build upon for other experiences. For fashion, Carney described a virtual runway that showcases items selected by the customer in a mobile app.

When asked for details, she shared a segment from the company’s prepared materials outlining the features: “Our AR roadmap will create immersive experiences using AR and computer vision libraries. This will pave the way for enhanced room design capabilities within CasaWire or virtual runway shows within FashWire, to name a few examples.”

The experience, she added, stands out for its realism. In the coming months, designers and customers will be able to judge this for themselves. The initial introduction of CasaWire technology in the first quarter will debut as “Shop the Room,” where interior designers will be able to showcase their talents to educated buyers by uploading images of fully designed rooms. In the second quarter, CasaWire will add AR, so customers can view products from the mobile app and website in their home before purchasing.

Founder and CEO Kimberly Carney (second from left), with her team in Las Vegas.

Founder and CEO Kimberly Carney (second from left), with her team in Las Vegas.

AR will arrive at FashWire in the second quarter in the form of a “Virtual Dressing Room,” along with a service that will help users visualize the look on themselves through an image with their actual measurements. According to the company, “The consumer will be able to take a photo and then select an item, such as a dress. The selected item will then be properly published on the customer’s image so they can visualize how the garment, accessory, etc. will look on them in real life.” Whether this is related or independent of the “runway” example Carney described is unclear at this time.

During the same second quarter, GlossWire will debut a virtual brand makeover on the GlossWire platform.

The business has grown significantly since its initial launch with FashWire in 2018, from 25 brands to 445 from approximately 50 countries. Since GlossWire’s arrival in February 2021, its list of 50 brands has grown to more than 300 from around 30 countries. CasaWire’s Dec. 22 debut added 65 home and decor brands, with 30 more in the near future.

Partner brands know the company for its multinational platform, but others in fashion may know it for its support of causes that have been significant to the industry. These include raising money early in the pandemic to increase personal protective equipment, supporting Ukrainian fashion designers and brands, and raising funds for Virgil Abloh’s Post-Modern Scholarship Fund. Now he clearly wants to be known as an innovator who supports virtual innovations as much as real causes.

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