I designed my grandmother’s fashion sketches — 80 years later

She is her own fairy godmother.

A TikToker turned into a real-life Disney princess in a dress designed by her grandmother — almost 80 years ago.

In the now-viral video, the Chicago seamstress explained that her grandmother dropped out of fashion school in the 1940s, and with her all her sketches.

Now, nearly eight decades later, content creator Julia is finally making dresses a reality.

In less than 24 hours, Julia’s dress reveal video has garnered 1.5 million views, in which she shows her grandmother’s sweet reaction to the sparkly dress.

The fashion-forward TikToker and her grandmother, whom she calls her “idol,” have been in constant contact during quarantine amid the 2020 pandemic. At the time, her grandmother discovered old fashion school sketches that Julia had never seen, hoping she could pass on the drawings for sure.

“She said, ‘I’d love it when I pass it on if someone sends it to magazines or shows it at my funeral so people know I did it,'” Julia told The Post. “When I saw her later that week and saw how amazing the drawings were, I thought, ‘Why wait for her to die?'”

Julia said she “didn’t know much about submitting things to magazines,” but realized she could showcase her grandmother’s creativity on social media.

“After seeing how happy she was that people loved her drawings, I knew I had to set the wheels in motion to bring them to life.”

But she doesn’t just do it for online influence — her grandmother’s invaluable feedback encourages her to tackle tough projects.

“Her reaction always makes me feel so blessed to be able to share this experience with her,” said Julia.

TikTok Julije shows her grandmother a dress
Julia recorded her grandmother’s sweet reaction and posted it on TikTok in a viral video.
TikTok / _boringbb_

Her viral video posted on Tuesday shows her grandmother’s fourth design she made.

“It was by far my most difficult project I’ve ever done,” she wrote online. “I’ll be posting more videos about this dress throughout the week, but this is Grandma’s reaction to seeing her work come to life.”

The video shows Julia dancing down the stairs in a shimmering, gold dress, complete with a detachable skirt – her own touch of vintage design.

“Oh my God, that’s amazing,” gasps her grandmother. “Thank you because it’s just wonderful.

“It feels so good to see something I drew so many years ago,” she continues.

Julia spins to make the design mastermind look good. She then reveals a shorter skirt underneath, giving the outfit a whole new style.

“That was my new New Year,” cheered her grandmother.

Hundreds of stunned viewers flocked to the comments section to rave about the dress and the grandmother’s heartfelt reaction.

TikToker shows grandma the last dress
Her grandmother said she thought she would never see her designs again.
TikTok / _boringbb_
Grandma and granddaughter hug on TikTok
Grandma thanked her for removing the dress from the pages of her notebook.
TikTok / _boringbb_

“Did she ever get to wear any of her models? I want gma to play dressup! you did an amazing job bringing her dress to life,” one user implored.

“The fact that this sketch was invented in the 40s and still looks contemporary yet stylish is such a modern kill,” another clapped.

A dress with a shorter skirt underneath
But the final product deviated from her grandmother’s original design. In order not to waste fabric, the TikToker made a shorter skirt under her petticoat.
TikTok / _boringbb_

“Yes!! Cooperate with grandma. This is fantastic! Someone get these two a clothing line, please!?” someone else wrote it.

“It’s a dream dress,” exclaimed another.

In the following clips, Julia revealed more than a candid moment between her and her grandmother, vowing to keep the series alive while her grandmother is still “here with us.”

She even noticed that her grandmother had started drawing again, feeling so inspired watching her granddaughter bring her designs to life before her eyes.

Every time Julia wears one of her grandmother’s designs, she said she feels “so happy” that she has embraced the ceremony of taking them from pencil sketches to flowing dresses – but making her grandmother smile is the best part.

“I plan to continue making them while Grandma is with us,” Julia told The Post. “She has so many designs I don’t think I could ever run out.”

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