I’m a fan of fashion and wearing turtlenecks the wrong way makes sense

IF you think there is only one way to wear a turtleneck with a collar, then you are sorely mistaken.

Mary Orton is a fan of fashion and says we’ve been wearing our turtlenecks wrong.

Mary says we wore our turtlenecks wrong


Mary says we wore our turtlenecks wrongCredit: Tiktok/@mary.orton
Mary says you should wear turtlenecks inside instead of outside


Mary says you should wear turtlenecks inside instead of outsideCredit: Tiktok/@mary.orton

She said, “Listen, I hate that I have to tell you this. But you’re probably wearing the turtleneck wrong.”

Mary said: “I shared this turtleneck trick two years ago and it’s still one of my most viral videos ever. So I thought it was about time we did an updated version.”

Mary says you should roll your turtleneck inside out, not outside.

She said, “If you have a turtleneck like this, instead of rolling the neck out like this one, you roll it in.”

Mary gave several reasons why this method is more effective.

She said: “This makes for a much cleaner cleavage. It also gives you a cleaner canvas if you want to layer necklaces.”

She said that wearing a turtleneck inside can extend the life of your garment.

She said, “Also, a lot of turtlenecks here develop a hem like this, so if you tuck them in, they can look more expensive.”

Mary says you can play with more styles when you tuck your turtleneck in.

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Mary said: “You also have flexibility or just gather it up a bit if you want the neckline to fall really high on your neck.”

She said, “Or you can tuck it really low, even double it in so it’s more of a fake neck.”

Mary’s video went viral with 1.6 million views.

One commenter said: “It’s true, my neighbor’s cousin’s friend’s nanny died from a twisted turtleneck. Save a life.”

Another commenter said: “My mum used to do it, she swears by it… I even had an undertaker do it for her. Thank you for this little sign that I needed!!!”

Other viewers have argued that it depends on the type of turtleneck you have as Mary’s method would look weird on some styles.

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One commenter said: “Yes, but some turtlenecks have this really weird inverted seam on the outside and it looks tacky if it’s not covered.”

Another commenter said, “It’s less comfortable, which always gets me.”

Mary says her method gives a cleaner cleavage and makes it easier to layer necklaces


Mary says her method gives a cleaner cleavage and makes it easier to layer necklacesCredit: Tiktok /@mary.orton

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