#Jimin dominated WW Trends + Topics during the Dior Fashion Show

January 20 Jimin made his first public appearance as DIOR’with the global ambassador, who was invited to attend the men’s fashion show for autumn-winter 2023/2024. in Paris for #ParisFashionWeek. Needless to say, with its huge popularity, this has become an unforgettable show for the brand, which will go down in history thanks to the great attendance. It can be argued that such a commotion was expected considering the splash that the news of Jimin’s global ambassador job with DIOR caused on social networks and in media houses, but nevertheless, the actual scenario exceeded such expectations and left observers speechless and in awe. his influence.

These are the kinds of descriptions that those who attended or reviewed the show had about Jimin’s presence, especially upon his arrival at the venue:

“Brand officials expected some fans to turn up, but they didn’t expect this many”

“I’ve never seen so many people even for a Dior show”

“The large showroom of DIOR was filled with fans, as soon as he got out of the car there was a thunderous cheer. The camera followed him from the entrance to the photo wall until he sat down”

“The newly appointed global ambassador, Park Jimin of BTS, was the main event, with thousands of people waiting to see the K-pop star”

“when jimin showed up all hell broke loose. unbelievable.”

“this is the biggest crowd that Dior has ever witnessed, it literally filled every corner”

“that’s crazy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people”

“[..] The screaming, the crowd and the amount of cameras.. Jimin is the global ambassador of Dior”

“Cleared! The main character of the entire Fashion Week is here”

Even more shocking for those present was that the reporters allegedly moved away from some of the popular actresses right after they saw Jimin upon his arrival, and went to him instead!

Jimin was the star of the show, the main attraction. In fact, after his arrival at the exhibition, any search for Dior on Google will only show images and topics related to Jimin as the top result!

Seeing the incredible reception from the audience and the fact that he was the focus of every showgoer, from media personnel to fashion industry officials, it was inevitable that he would dominate any show-related conversation.

It immediately took over world trends, occupying top 4 world trends among other rankings, with hashtags and keywords like






There were also similar hashtags and trends in the US and South Korea, among other countries, with fans excitedly rooting for Jimin.

All in all, the event was recorded 5 world trends and over 233 trends in total, with more than 23 keywords appearing in over 87 countries and regions around the world.

Some of the terms associated with Jimin during the fashion show surpassed 1 MILLION mentions in under 24 hourswhat are the terms of s most tweets for the show.

Interest in Jimin was at a peak throughout the day of his arrival at the show, and data collected from Google trends for the topic ‘DIOR‘ he showed it Jimin was the ONLY PERSON on the top lists for both ‘Related Queries’ and ‘Related Topics’. That means he was the most requested individual in terms of questions and/or topics related to the show and Dior in general. Moreover, his Google searches in all categories including web, images, YouTube, shopping and news reached 100%

Proud of the publicity generated by their latest global ambassador signing, Dior posted images of Jimin during the show on their Twitter, YouTube and Instagram pages.

On Instagram, the post surpassed 1 MILLION loves in only 13 hourshaving become the most liked post from the show.

On Twitter, the announcement only lasted 57 minutes surpass 100,000 likesranking among most popular tweets in the world at that point!

On YouTube, Jimin’s post became the most liked post on Dior’s YouTube account in just a few days!

There’s no denying that Jimin was THE event at the show, and he’s proven to be arguably the most valuable investment the company has ever made.

Here are some more reactions from fans about Jimin’s influence on the Dior show.

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