Kim Menzies’ biggest Instagram fashion fail on the charts

The cast of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise Kim Menzies has been basking in the style glow recently, but the San Diego native has had some fashion mishaps.

Although Kim Menzies emitted a much-praised glow during her time in the Fiancé of 90 days franchise, she is one of many cast members who have also posted some fashion fails on TLC and social media. Jamal Menzies’ American mother rose to instant fame in the franchise after appearing on 90 Day Fiancé: 90 days ago season 5, i 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 7. While Kim has recently been choosing new styles that suit her figure, she’s been called out for several questionable looks since appearing on the franchise.


Kim entered the franchise together 90 days fiance Usman Umar, who earlier appeared on 90 days ago season 4 with Lisa Hamme. Nigerian singer Usman is decades younger than both American women, which is why he has gained a reputation as a fraud. Usman and Kim maintained that he was not using Kim, although they eventually parted ways Good luck for the rest of your life. Around this time, Kim began to change her look and opt for tight and elegant dresses, and also had a celebrated haircut and a new coloring. Unlike many of the aging links in the franchise, Kim isn’t obsessed with youth and has instead spruced up her style with a few glamorous makeovers. However, she has been called out in the past for a series of failed looks.

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Kim Menzies failed to choose Cold Shoulder

While Kim cleaned up nicely for both of them Fiancé of 90 days franchise’s Tell-All performance, she hasn’t put as much effort into how she dresses during filming. One outfit that viewers didn’t quite like was the hot pink cold shoulder top that Kim wore for many of her promotional photos and interviews on Good luck for the rest of your life. Kim shared a picture of the look with a green screen in the background on her Instagram. Although she looked happy in the photo, cold shoulder tops have been out of fashion for years. Tiffany Franco even got the nickname “Shoulders” from fans for the amount of cool shoulder straps she wore before losing weight.

Kim Menzies baked for ‘X-Box’ T-shirt on Happily Ever After

Kim has received a lot of criticism Fiancé of 90 days fans for another cool look she wore while filming the franchise’s content. Kim chose a flattering dark green color, although she went for cold shoulders again, this time with big X’s on them. Some Reddit users called the shirt Kim’s “X-Box” shirt as a joke, because she infamously bought Usman a PS5 console. “If only she bought an Xbox instead of a PS5 maybe she could be sponsored,” u/reydeltorog joked. “It’s obvious that Her and Shoulders shop at the same stores” added u/Wise-Tourist-6747 regarding Tiffany. Kim ended up wearing the shirt on social media and during a tense televised scene with Usman.

Kim Menzies Rocks Usman Umar Merch

Kim may have been called out for her cold shoulder tops, but she also earned criticism for the excessive amount of merchandise she wore for herself Fiancé of 90 days franchise partner Usman. Kim described herself as Usman’s “super fan” from the beginning, being a huge supporter of his music. This led to her packing reams of Usman and “Sojaboy” merchandise on her first trip to meet Usman 90 days ago. Kim wore one shirt for Usman that said “USB” including on her Instagram. “Kim. I’ll help you update your wardrobe. No more men’s shirts“, wrote one commentator Fiancé of 90 days star Kim. Many users agreed that it can do better than Usman’s stuff.

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