Kit Harington and wife Rose Leslie return to London after Paris Fashion Week

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have been married for four years, but they looked like newlyweds on their way home from Paris Fashion Week. Harington and Rose became an item after meeting in the epic movie Game of Thrones. They had a volatile romance until 2014, when they decided it was time to get serious.

The duo were in a relationship for five years, and the actor popped the question in 2017. Although he claimed he proposed too soon because he intended to make the setting more romantic, that didn’t change their feelings. He said in a sweet tone that he was hooked on his wife. He shared:

“I met my wife on this show, so that’s how it gave me my future family, and my life from now on. That’s the main thing he did for me, and it changed him completely.”

In 2021, they became parents for the first time, and their love only grew deeper. They support each other and are often seen together outdoors. They were spotted rushing through the airport today as they arrived in London after partying at Paris Fashion Week.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie return from Paris Fashion Week

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie walked side by side as they walked with their luggage behind them. At some point, the actor put his arm behind his girlfriend, weighing her down. While Game of Thrones stars who looked in love, returned from Paris fashion week dressed up, but in complementary combinations.

Harington looked boyish, dressed in a navy sweater and sweatpants that went perfectly with his red hoodie, crisp white pants, and nerdy round-rimmed glasses. Leslie, on the other hand, opted for trendy pink sunglasses and wore a black undershirt with baggy pants and a brown fur jacket with leather patterns.

She spiced it up with ankle boots. This casual look is accentuated with a tote bag. As the actress pulled her honey brown hair into a high bun as she strode briskly beside her prince.

Recently, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie were at Paris Fashion Week during the Louis Vuitton Men’s show. Leslie didn’t match her husband’s yellow jacket and black pants with the princess-like dress, but chose a stylish black military jacket and matching harem pants.

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