Mastering the Art of Innovation, How the Creativity Guide Equips Business Leaders with the Creative Tools Needed to Overcome Their Obstacles

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 19, 2023 / Entrepreneurial visions and business plans often require a great deal of imagination and creative thinking for their successful conceptualization and implementation. Individuals and organizations encounter many obstacles as they try to turn their vision into reality. They often lack the expertise and experience to overcome these difficulties. Professional mentoring and guidance significantly contribute to the efficient and effective conceptualization, management and completion of complex creative projects. A project consulting firm based in the US, A guide to creativityand its founder, Peter M. Krask, are on a mission to help professionals, creators, entrepreneurs and organizations overcome their obstacles in turning their dreams into reality.

The company, headed by Peter, specializes in equipping its clients with the essential tools needed to overcome personal and professional obstacles. The company’s efforts are based on the fact that most people, who are involved in artistic and business endeavors, seek outside mentorship and guidance to make their efforts successful. Despite this significant demand, studies show that only 37% of people have access to professional mentoring. Creativity Guide provides its clients with creative leadership and entrepreneurial assistance to master the process of conceptualizing a vision and its creative transformation into reality through ongoing project consultations. The company believes that business people flourish when they start thinking like artists.

Peter’s own background as a successful artist and business owner in New York allows him to help people who are either trying to launch a new business idea or undertaking any other creative endeavor. The company uses the power of artistic thinking to bring its clients’ unique projects to fruition. The challenges the founder of the company faced in his career allowed him to equip his clients with the tools they needed to overcome similar challenges. The company believes that having an expert guide and mentor on the entrepreneurial journey has a great impact on its success. The company expires study it reveals that 97% of participants consider mentors to be critical to business success.

A guide to creativity strives to increase the availability of mentoring by opening its services to entrepreneurs and creatives. According to Peter Krask, founder and CEO of The Creativity Guide, “After barely surviving as a journalist, earning 10 cents a word, I wanted to explore different creative fields, passionately exploring the nitty-gritty of the creative process and innovation. That curiosity led me to start my own business as a boutique floral and event design company, working with high profile clients in the media and politics After 20 years of successfully running my own business, I was eager to move in a direction that led to the establishment of my project consulting, guidance and development company The Creativity Guide Additionally, I am currently an expert trainer at Columbia University for their CU Grow program and a mentor for the New Museum’s art, design and technology incubator, New Inc.”

In addition to business consulting, the Creativity Guide also helps people who want to change their careers and follow their passions. It provides strategies and roadmaps for people from different industries and fields to discover new career directions. The company is committed to ensuring that its clients feel confident in facing the risks associated with changing careers and starting a new business. This is achieved by guiding clients to approach their new projects and careers with a mindset that is supported by creativity and freedom. Applying this approach helps to move forward without pressure and anxiety.

The Creativity Guide continues to help people who need professional mentoring and expert guidance in their artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors. Through the company, Peter passionately dedicates his considerable expertise and extensive experience to those who want to be successful in their lives. The company’s services really help talented talents and leaders to make their journey smooth and successful.

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