Merchants & Marine Bancorp, Inc. launches Voyager Lending, a small business lending group focused on SBA and USDA loans

PASCAGOULA, Miss–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Merchants & Marine Bancorp, Inc. (OTCQX: MNMB), the parent company of Merchants & Marine Bank, a century-old Mississippi-based financial institution, launched Voyager Lending, a division dedicated to offering credit solutions for small business owners.

Voyager Lending is run and staffed by experts in the field. The team’s commitment is to the community, with the goal of providing expert and personalized service to borrowers, resulting in a seamless lending experience and access to capital that may not otherwise be available.

“Our company’s commitment to small business owners goes beyond standard banking services and has been a priority for us for more than 100 years,” said Clayton Legear, president and chief executive officer of Merchants & Marine Bancorp. He continued, “You achieve a legacy of that nature by creating partnerships with leaders who are committed to growing the local economy by investing in the communities we serve. Voyager Lending’s mission to provide financing for entrepreneurs and small business owners is just that. This lending division is a direct reflection of our philosophy and we are very proud to be able to offer financial expertise to partners working towards the same vision.”

Voyager Lending is excited to serve a wide range of small business owners through competitive products supported by the United States government through the Small Business Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture. Offerings include loans to finance business acquisitions, partner buyouts, real estate purchases, equipment financing, start-up funds and working capital. Voyager Lending is dedicated to strengthening local economies and helping communities grow by helping small business owners who need access to financing.

“Small business owners are key to growing local economies,” said Matthew McElveen, president, Voyager Lending. “Having been raised by parents who were small business owners in rural Georgia, I am honored to have the opportunity to serve local business owners throughout the Southeast. It is extremely rewarding to see their business ultimately grow and their dreams become a reality. With the support of the talented team at Merchants & Marine Bank, we are dedicated to serving local communities and seeing business owners grow, thereby stimulating local economies through job creation and the availability of local products and services Voyager Lending is excited to have the opportunity to serve small business owners who may not qualify for conventional financing and helping those small businesses take off.”

About the Voyager rental:

Voyager Lending is a division of Merchants & Marine Bank and is comprised of dedicated banking professionals who work directly with small business owners across the country, with a primary focus on the Southeast. Backed by a state-chartered Mississippi bank with more than 100 years of experience, Voyager Lending provides affordable, state-backed loans to ensure small businesses continue to thrive. For more information about Voyager Lending, visit

For more information about services at Voyager Lending, contact Matthew McElveen, President, by phone at 228-934-1337 or by email at [email protected]

About Merchants & Marine Bank:

Merchants & Marine Bank is a Mississippi public bank serving the Gulf South region. Originally founded in 1899, Merchants & Marine Bank was reborn in 1932 in the midst of the worst economic disaster in United States history: the Great Depression. More than eight decades later, Merchants & Marine Bank has grown from $25,000 to over $700 million in assets and from 2 offices to 16 offices serving the Mississippi Coast and Alabama areas as well as the Mississippi Pine Belt. The company offers mortgage financing through its Canvas Mortgage division, medical cannabis banking through its CannaFirst Financial division, and now government-guaranteed lending options through Voyager Lending. For more information about Merchants & Marine Bank and its parent company, Merchants & Marine Bancorp, Inc., visit

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