Noah Beck, Noah Schanpp, Hoshi, Usher Take in Ami Show – WWD

Noah Beck is ready to welcome 2023 with a new acting project.

The TikTok star is set to star in the upcoming romantic comedy “The QB Bad Boy and Me,” based on one of Wattpad’s most popular stories. Filming starts in March.

“A new year means new adventures. And it is, yes, it is exciting; 2023 means trying things,” he said of taking on the challenge.

It has been a goal since he rose to fame on social media. “I’ve been taking acting classes for about two years now because I knew it was one thing that was on my list of things I wanted to try. And I think I’m ready. I’m nervous, but in good spirits.”

He spoke with “Stranger Things” star Noah Schnapp from the front row, who is already giving him instructions.

“We have been friends for some time. It’s like ‘Noah squared,’” Beck joked. “I send him a message every now and then and ask for advice and he’s great. I love him, he is like a younger brother to me.”

Beck, who started immersing himself in fashion just over a year ago, is now a front row regular and takes fashion risks. “I try to keep my style versatile and open-minded. That’s the biggest thing,” he said. He wore a green sequin scarf around his neck at Alexandre Mattiussi’s Ami show on Thursday night.

A very excited Hoshi from the K-pop group Seventeen met one of his idols – Usher – for the first time. Usher introduced himself to Gwendoline Christie and the unexpected trio took a photo together.

French actor Pierre Niney was also in the front row for Ami, on break from filming his upcoming Netflix series “Fiasco”. The show follows the filming of a film that went astray. The Cesar winner has just finished “Le Livre des Solutions” with director Michel Gondry.

Niney plays a semi-biographical version of Gondry himself. “It’s not him, but it’s about him. I am not Michel, but I am another Michel. I’m like an avatar,” he said, trying to sum up Gondry’s eclectic vision.

They filmed at Gondry’s aunt’s house, and the props were items he actually used during that period. “It’s really introspective, but at the same time he makes really funny notes like, ‘Sing a song in your head’ or ‘Go outside and scream, then come back and we’ll do another take.’ It always goes somewhere you don’t expect it to go.”

Many predict the film will premiere at Cannes, and Gondry also wore the set for the Louis Vuitton show earlier in the day on Thursday.

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