SEVENTEEN Jeonghan goes to Paris Fashion Week

On the morning of January 16th, SEVENTEEN Jeonghan was spotted at Incheon International Airport heading to Paris Fashion Week which is set to begin on January 17th. Jeonghan was directly invited by Yves Saint Laurent’s global headquarters to attend Paris Fashion Week and is expected to be dressed in the luxury fashion brand’s clothing while sitting front row at the show.

Jeonghan was dressed in a sophisticated black suit with silver stripes and brown Chelsea boots with a black leather cross body bag. The K-pop idol looked chic in his simple yet elegant look with his long black hair perfectly accenting his look.

As a representative of Yves Saint Laurent, the idol will most likely be dressed in clothes from the brand’s latest Fall/Winter 2023 menswear collection. Considering that this is YSL’s first time attending Paris Fashion Week after a long hiatus of six years, fans of the brand as well as SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan are excited to see what the show has in store for them.

Happy flight, Jeonghan!! 🤍 Jeonghan x Saint Laurent ✨✈️ Paris Fashion Week @pledis_17

CARATs praises SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan for being the first member to attend Paris Fashion Week

As part of Jeonghan’s schedule for 2023, the idol is going to Paris Fashion Week as a representative of not only Saint Laurent, but also the visual representative of K-pop. Known for his incomparable visuals, YSL recognized him for the same during SEVENTEEN’s promotions, which eventually led him to his first Paris Fashion Week.

YSL invited Jeonghan to Paris Fashion Week!! #新闻“.. is considered one of the representative visuals of K-pop. He was recognized for his handsome boy visuals during SVT promotions. With his long hair and slim body, he attracted the interest of people from Saint Laurent.”

the real question is if paris fashion week is ready for THE yoon jeonghan


Jeonghan going to Europe first and attending Paris Fashion Week is definitely not on my 2023 bingo card, but maaan seeing him walking around Paris, trying hot chocolates and croissants, taking pictures of him around Paris… and when he posts pictures like this, i’m gonna go wild

What attracted Saint Laurent’s interest in the idol is, unsurprisingly, his visual appearance, long hair and lean body, and fans are most excited to see his “sophisticated visuals” while dressed in YSL clothing. After the news of his going to the fashion show, CARATs couldn’t help but mention how he showed his sense of experimentation several times.

Furthermore, SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan is quite famous for his unique and attention-grabbing airport fashion. The K-pop idol shows off a range of aesthetics, proving she can pull off any look with ease. Anyone who has taken a peek at his Instagram will know that Jeonghan is a master of dressing.

Paris Fashion Week main event YOON JEONGHAN

never in my life did I think I’d read the words “yoon jeonghan” and “Paris Fashion Week” in the same sentence, but here we are🥹 I’m so proud of him🥹

YSL specially invited jeonghan to attend Paris Fashion Week, he will wear special clothes from YSL and will sit in the front row. he is the visual representative of kpop and embodies the heart of YSL 🤍YOON JEONGHAN SUPERSTAR

jeonghan will attend paris fashion week ?? i love it for him!

Moreover, numerous photos of the idol further prove why his presence at Paris Fashion Week makes sense. His magazine photos have always caused a stir on the internet, as fans swoon over not only how well he pulls off different outfits, but also how his visuals and body structure complement different styles.

With SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan being the first member of a K-pop boy group to attend Paris Fashion Week, CARATs express their pride for the idol. While it’s one thing to attend a fashion show as an ambassador or model, being personally invited by a brand to represent them speaks volumes about his influence in the K-pop industry

[PRESS] 230116 #TEN at Incheon International Airport departure to Paris, France for Paris Fashion Week (1)#NCT #PutV

In other news, K-pop idols who will also be attending Paris Fashion Week include BTS’s Jimin and j-hope, WayV’s Ten, and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. Fans are also speculating about a possible reappearance of BTS Va at Paris Fashion Week as he recently received flowers from CELINE, the luxury brand that last invited him to show.

As Paris Fashion Week finally kicks off, CARATs can’t wait to see SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan resplendent in Saint Laurent while sitting front row.

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