The best new releases in menswear this week, January 13, 2022

the best menswear releases this week


Friday the 13th usually comes with a certain note of ominousness. I say usually because, for the first Friday the 13th of 2023, there’s a very palpable note of freshness in some dope menswear releases—and what better sign than that?

This week we have a great selection of new men’s clothing for you, and they are suitable for the season. The running theme seems to be shoes: hiking shoes, everyday shoes, shoes for those who put you on already they’re just not cool and cutting-edge enough anymore (it happens to all of us at some point, don’t worry). But in true winter fashion (and true winter fashion), there are also functional styles you don’t want to miss—a neon umbrella that stands out against gray winter rains, a merino tech hoodie that’s as soft as it is functional, a fuzzy pair of Converse with an edgy flair. Buckle up, get your credit card number ready, and secure that winter shutter.

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Canadian goose

Kelowna fleece jacket HUMANATURE

Dr. Martens

1461 Undercover made in England leather oxford shoes

Mack Weldon

Basic cotton half zip

Buck Mason

Field-Spec heavyweight cotton t-shirt

Ten thousand

Merino Tech hoodie

To talk


Celine Homme

Wool pullover with logo crystals


x Stüssy Waterproof World Hiker


Travel umbrella

Trishna Rikhy is Associate Style Editor for Esquire.

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