The classified documents scandal unpacks the Biden family business

Don’t expect “We’re #1” bragging from the White House or Wilmington, but that doesn’t detract from the unique, ahem, achievement. Both Bidens have earned their fame.

Courtesy of Fox News, here’s an all-time headline: “Biden, Hunter Make Presidential History as First Father-Son Duo Under Separate Investigations.”

The president has paid his dues with his serially reckless handling of classified information, with the added bonus that his gentle probe inadvertently draws comparisons to how harshly Donald Trump is being treated by the same Justice Department. When it came to the supposedly classified documents that Biden had been throwing around like so much bird seed, the feds couldn’t even be bothered to look for more, leaving the job to his lawyers for more than a month.

It’s a sweet deal if you can get it.

No surprise SWAT raid for Biden, no pictures of documents strewn across the floor, no Deep State agents whispering suggestions to reporters about the potential sale of American secrets to enemy nations. Even the fact that the first documents were found on November 2nd was kept secret during the midterm elections and two months after them.

The official party line remains that Good Old Uncle Joe just got it wrong. He meant no harm, and the FBI investigation will prove it!

Similar favoritism is unfolding in slow motion in the alleged Hunter tax and lobbying investigation, now in its fifth year. Instead of charging or not charging the president’s son, Attorney General Merrick Garland is proving himself to be a bitter political hack by trying to bury the case deeper than Jimmy Hoffa.

box with documents
The classified documents were discovered at Biden’s home in Delaware in a box labeled “Important Documents + Photos.”

Yet aside from the history recorded by Fox, its headline also highlights unfinished business when it cites “separate” Biden investigations. If there is any honest justice in Pravda, at some point there will be an investigation in which both father and son will be involved.

It’s also something they’ve earned.

Joe and Hunter apparently colluded in an influence peddling scam that netted the family tens of millions of dollars. In fact, the more we learn, the more convinced I am that Joe’s role is underrated.

I believe that the full truth, if we ever find it out, will show that Joe was the mastermind and Hunter was the front man and the conduit for the payout. It’s the only deal that explains the incredible amounts of money involved and why Joe still maintains the ridiculous lie that he never discussed his son’s business with Hunter.

The working theory for most people following the story involved the assumption that Hunter followed his father around the world while Joe, then a veep, served as the Obama administration’s point man. According to this view, Hunter, the ultimate prodigal son, unscrupulously seized the opportunity to cut deals with foreign governments and companies in China, Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere.

Joe, meanwhile, came across as a loving, indulgent, grief-stricken father and earnest statesman whose presumed integrity kept him far above dirty schemes. It’s amazing that this image is still current in some media and the public despite the fact that Joe managed to get very rich during his time in government.

The first batch of classified documents was revealed at the Biden think tank in Washington, DC.
The first batch of classified documents was revealed at the Biden think tank in Washington, DC.
Ken Cedeno/Sipa USA

While he received a modest windfall from his son’s business, according to information on Hunter’s abandoned laptop, they don’t even come close to explaining the president’s vast wealth.

That’s why Tony Bobulinski is such an important player. His bombshell statement that he met with Joe to discuss the big China deal, and his authentication of an email saying Joe was a “big guy” in line for a secret 10% cut, suggest a possible pattern that has been going on for years.

Bobulinski also said, and the emails show, that Hunter referred to his father as “my president” when discussing business.

Joe plays dumb

Additionally, the Daily Mail reported on Friday that Joe and Hunter are scheduled to engage in a phone call in late 2017 to seal a multimillion-dollar deal to sell U.S. liquefied natural gas to China.

Yet Joe still claims, like Sgt. Schultz, knew nothing, nothing about Hunter’s dealings. It’s such an outlandish claim that it raises questions about why he would go to such extremes to proclaim his innocence. Even CNN is finally calling him out for it.

Garage, corvette
The documents were found in the president’s own garage.
Joe Biden

One possible reason why he sticks to his story is that if he admitted to knowing about the schemes, he would face additional questions like “What did you know and when did you know it? And what did you do about it?”

That would be the beginning of the end of the charade and the revelation of perhaps the biggest corruption scandal in American history. Ultimately, it would appear that we have a president who is compromised by taking money from our opponents.

If true, the full trail of evidence would show that Joe, based on his personal knowledge of individuals in foreign governments and large corporations, would have identified the targets first. Then it fell to Hunter and Joe’s brother Jim to make them an offer, with the promise that dear old dad was on board to lend a hand, protect, favor, put in a good word—whatever it took.

The value of such promises to the family of the Vice President of the United States would explain why the targets were willing to pay the Bidens so many millions. The buyers, all of whom had checkered pasts and therefore needed help, were getting the kind of American power that money could never buy.

Joe’s likely starring role could also explain why Garland was afraid to continue with the Hunter case he inherited. It’s such an obvious conflict of interest for him to be investigating his boss’s son that it should have been handed over to a special prosecutor from the start of Joe’s presidency.

Hunter, Joe Biden
A trove of emails, documents and photos were discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2019.

But that would light the fuse because any prosecutor worth his name would quickly be confronted with clear evidence that Joe had attended the meetings and received some money from the schemes. From there, the discussion about the extent of his involvement would start, and the president would become the subject of the investigation and finally the target.

Ironically, Garland might stumble into that very scenario because of Joe’s mishandling of classified documents. If special counsel Robert Hur sees any connection between the documents and influence-peddling schemes, he would be forced to join the two cases — which could doom the Biden presidency.

Even if Hur and Garland try to cut Biden a break, an energized GOP Congress will blow the whistle. The board of supervisors, headed by Kentucky’s James Comer, has already set its sights on the “big guy.”

Citing whistleblowers and other evidence, Comer didn’t mince words, saying, “I want to be clear: This is an investigation into Joe Biden, and that’s what we’re going to focus on.”

Tick, tick, tick. . .

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