The fashion evolution of world megastar Jennifer Lopez

The fashion evolution of global megastar Jennifer Lopez (James Arnold/Jennifer Graylock/PA)

The fashion evolution of global megastar Jennifer Lopez (James Arnold/Jennifer Graylock/PA)

Jennifer Lopez lived up to her reputation for bold and eye-catching fashion choices when she arrived at the world premiere of her upcoming film Shotgun Wedding.

The award-winning singer and actress dazzled on the red carpet at an event in Los Angeles on Wednesday in a floor-length silver sequin gown with a long flowing train, which she matched with platform shoes.

Underneath was a dark brown suit with a bright yellow bow that complemented her patent yellow clutch.

Lopez has been making waves for years with her fashion choices – most memorably in 2000 when she attended the Grammy Awards in a green chiffon Versace gown with a plunging V that went over her navel.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt later said that the rise in searches for the dress even prompted the company to create Google Images.

That’s how JLo’s glamorous style evolved, from the nineties to today.

Jenny from the block

When JLo burst onto the scene in the nineties, her style was all about simple sexiness. She was fresh-faced with a big smile and long locks, and on the red carpet she preferred sparkling miniatures and modest make-up.

However, Lopez never forgot her Bronx roots and was often as dressed up as she was dressed up – while still managing to make the threesomes look sexy.

Hollywood star

In the early to mid-20s, Lopez became a bona fide movie star. With films such as Maid in Manhattan taking the box office by storm, her love life became tabloid staples.

She became engaged to Ben Affleck and ‘Bennifer’ became the beginning of the hybrid names of famous couples – led by Brangelina and Kimya.

At that time, her style became more and more glamorous. She leaned into the vibe of a Hollywood screen siren and would rarely be seen without some big fur over a designer dress. Like much of her style, Lopez favored more neutral color palettes with shimmering details.

Her hair also changed – she cut off her long locks, experimented with curls on the red carpet, and her signature look was a huge bun pulled up on top of her head.

Experimental diva

Lopez rarely wears bright colors, but still manages to experiment with her style. She’s not afraid to try a new trend, like a strapless dress with a soft felt hat—a look that was at its peak in 2004.

Or what about when she had a sixties moment in 2006 with a sparkly Biba dress and matching scarf? Only JLo could pull it off.

The era of animal print

In the early 2010s, Lopez’s fashion was all about animal prints. This is one of the more maximalist periods of her style, as she was regularly seen in leopard print, lion or snake skin – anything with an animal motif.

JLo today: elegant, sexy, sophisticated

Now 53, Lopez has honed her style. She’s still an unabashed lover of all things glitter and shine, but her aesthetic has a more sophisticated edge.

On the red carpet, she prefers long sequined dresses with significant leg slits, but she also experiments more with tailoring and fashion voluminous silhouettes.

The dress Lopez wore to marry Ben Affleck in 2022 was a great example of her fashion evolution. Designed by Ralph Lauren, the turtleneck was demure and sophisticated, with the bottom of the tight dress flowing into frills – giving off that lush Lopez edge.

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