The top ten worst motorcycle fashion fails – two-wheelers…

LIKE any other activity, motorcycle riding has acquired its own subculture of fashion and clothing, whether it’s technical riding gear or casual clothing and accessories. If it’s salable, bike related brands will stick a logo on it and ship it out.

And as with any other activity, golf, soccer, there are some items of clothing and equipment that are truly off limits in the eyes of many. In this article, we take a look at some of the most egregious motorcycle fashion faux pas ever committed.

The Top Ten Worst Fashion Bike Fails

10. Replica racing jackets

You can see them at BSB, bike events, car jumbles and motorcycle shows. You can spot them from a mile away because they have bad badges, the “Repsol” font is never quite right, and the leather looks as tough as an MP’s spine. These are, of course, poorly made ‘replicas’ of racing leather. Whether they’re one-piece or two-piece, they’re likely to give you as much protection as a leaking condom and are a surefire way to get a bunch of people laughing at you when you’re out of earshot.

Yes, they are cheaper than the alternative. Granted, you may have been drunk when you clicked the ‘Buy Now’ button, but that’s why our lord and savior Jeff Bezos created a 14-day cooling-off period on the eighth day. 14 days was chosen because that is the maximum time it takes for any human being to realize that this is complete nonsense.

Save money and get the right skin from RST.

9. Lightly apply the ‘Built not bought’ stickers ‘custom’ bicycle

This was rampant a few years ago and you still see it. This sticker is most likely on the engine. More often than not, they’ll be painted at home, using three cans of matchless matte black spray paint, and someone will cut off the muffler – bonus points if they’ve used a heat jacket on the exhaust unnecessarily (see point 5).

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