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2022 was the year that “core” fashion took over the internet. New sub-trends seem to flood the collective consciousness on a weekly basis, from ballet to barbiekor. But the bright, wacky styles à la Portia of White lotus are heading in a new direction in the new year. Looking forward to the trends of 2023 on TikTok, experts predict that the fashion phenomenon will move in a darker and more chaotic direction.

“‘Sleaze’ is used as an alternative to the suffix ‘core’ to denote a subversion of aesthetics,” says Agustina Panzoni, a fashion researcher who goes by the name @thealgorythm on TikTok. “Example: Twee morphed into Tweeze by choosing darker color palettes and a less polished style.” Whether you participated in the Indie Sleaze era (is it too popular to call it Tumblrcore?), the party-fueled punk aesthetic of the early aughts is now back. If it hasn’t appeared on your For You Page (FYP) yet, expect influencers to start moving away from the colorful and comfortable towards something edgier.

The beauty of TikTok is that even though it’s flooded with original content, many influencers are talking to each other — pulling in emerging ideas and making them their own. On TikTok, style is as much a personal expression as it is a response to larger trends—and that’s not going away in 2023. “I love scrolling through FYP because it puts me in a very creative space mentally, and I’ll be able to put my own spin on existing trends,” says Brittany Xavier, a longtime An Instagram influencer who has amassed more than five million followers on TikTok. Count on the algorithm to send you plenty of inspiration in the new year, making it easy not only to spot It-items as they appear, but to inspire you to embrace your personal style in a forward-thinking way.

Ready for more? Read on for expert insight on the TikTok trends that will gain momentum in 2023 and the pieces to invest in now before they blow up everywhere.

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Panzoni sees beauty trends like mermaid eyes and fashion trends like jewelry inspired by molluscs as signs of an increase in ocean inspiration. “I’m also excited to see genderless takes on mermaidcore with the likes of Harry Styles championing the trend,” she says. “I loved his mermaidcore version of the ‘Music For A Sushi Restaurant’ music video.”

Pascale Monvoisin

Shell and Nanogem necklace

According to Xavier, things are getting dark in 2023. The return of Indie Sleaze via a “2011 grunge-inspired look.” is still noteworthy. So turn up the LCD Soundsytem and put on your best ripped t-shirt.


Crosby & Broome pullover

Queue Seinfeld or Friends for a little inspiration for the 2023 outfit. “Right now I’m still stuck in the ’90s aesthetic,” says Xavier. Expect TikTokers to adopt not only the style, but also the hairstyles and beauty looks inspired by the era.

Mirror Palace

Underwire Polo 2.0

“We’re about to see more aesthetics become subverted, mixed and matched in 2023,” says Panzoni. “I’m so excited to see us embrace the creative potential of chaos to develop our own personal styles.”


Pretty white woolen cardigan

Xavier believes leather and faux leather will continue to rise as the must-wear texture in 2023. Look for moto jackets and bright colors for a fresh look.

“I’m not entirely sure what the next Miu Miu mini skirt will be…” Panzoni says of predicting the next It-item to sweep the interwebs. “But I have a strong feeling it will involve black lace. It’s everywhere now!”

Miu Miu

Top with embroidered lace

“I’m taking a strong capsule wardrobe for the coming months, quality pieces that I can wear over and over again,” says Xavier. Look for a continuation of TikTokers recommending everyday things styled in more ways than one.

Anna Bing

Frances straight leg jeans

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