Trends that will be popular this year + photos

Loafers with soles will remain a strong trend.

a person in a brown two-piece outfit with a white T-shirt and white loafers with soles

A lug sole refers to the chunky, rubber bottom of shoes and boots.

Anna Zhuk/Shutterstock

Ashley Full, co-founder and stylist at AMOUR781, said loafers with soles will remain popular, especially in the spring. Style refers to thick, rubber soles.

Loafers with soles that were a favorite of the ‘It Girls’ this fall will also be a trend in the spring,’ she told Insider. “Your chunky loafers will be the perfect complement to the stylish tennis shorts that everyone has added to their wardrobe in 2022.”

The stylist also recommended adding a college-inspired cardigan to complete the look.

Shades of green are on the rise.

a person dressed in different shades of green and a white high-top

Green moss and fern are at the top of the trend.

Cast Of Thousands/Shutterstock

Full told Insider that she expects different shades of green this year, including ferns and moss.

“We’re going to see ferns and moss green this spring into pre-fall,” she said. “This color might be challenging for some, but you can embrace it through patterns or accessories.”

Transparent details, reminiscent of Y2K fashion, are not going anywhere.

a person wearing a coat and holding a purse that looks like clear plastic with gold details

Transparent handbags are an easy way to follow the trend.


Personal stylist Susan Padron expects Y2K trends, including see-through details, to stick to shoes, bags and clothing.

“Think clear plastic, but elevated and expensive,” she told Insider. “Brands like Mach & Mach are even releasing see-through lounges that can be worn to an event or as a statement piece with jeans.”

Sparkles are perfect for dressing up clothes.

a person wearing a white raincoat over gold sparkly pants and black heels

You can still be subtle with glittery elements of clothing.

HUANG Zheng/Shutterstock

Grace Thomas, founder and chief stylist of Builtgracefully, said that glitter will continue to enliven outfits in 2023.

“I think we’ve only seen the tip of the spear on this trend, and the holiday season is always a time for glitter and glitz,” she said, adding: “Embellished button-up cardigans, bejeweled heels and diamond studded jeans…like details just are some of the trends we will see come to life.”

Cargo pockets are back in style.

a person wearing a cream turtleneck sweater and white pants with a tan jacket with cargo pockets

Cargo pockets are functional and modern this year.


According to Lana Blanc, New York stylist and founder of The Blanc House, cargo pockets will make a comeback this year.

“We saw this trend gain momentum (with cargo pants) in 2022, but it’s coming in a big way in 2023,” she said. “Oversized pockets were seen on nearly every runway for Spring/Summer 2023, including but not limited to Miu Miu, Fendi, Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Marant, Versace and Brunello Cucinelli.”

The stylist said we can expect cargo pockets on everything from pants and shorts to skirts and coats.

Faux leather leggings are sure to be a hit.

the woman wears leather pants and a pink top

A leather-like look can be comfortable and stylish.


Jackie Condura, a personal stylist and fashion blogger, told Insider that faux leather leggings will continue to be a hit this year.

“Faux leather leggings have gone viral, and this trend has stood out as one of the biggest of the season,” she said, adding, “It gives our beloved black leggings an upgrade, while adding a touch of edginess to our outfits. Plus, they go with everything.”

She suggested styling with thick sweaters and classic sneakers.

Men’s clothing is reinvented in women’s fashion.

a person in neutral clothes with a button-up, a sweater and a skirt

Pullover vests are back in women’s fashion.

Cast Of Thousands/Shutterstock

Fashion and wardrobe stylist Jasie Style said reimagined menswear is shaking up the workwear segment of fashion.

“Get ready for body-positive, more conservative menswear-inspired fashion,” she said, adding: “Now is the perfect time to elevate your wardrobe with timeless pieces that will last you for seasons to come. My favorites include wide-leg leather pants and a sweater vest for work clothes or weekend.”

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