Twitter invites businesses to apply for ‘Verification for Organizations’

Twitter is now inviting companies to sign up for its arrivalCheck for organizations‘ subscription offer, which will effectively be Twitter’s replacement for the current verification process for business users.

According to the tweet above, now you can sign up for the waiting list for a new business verification offer, by adding the company’s Twitter and contact information to the list.

So what will you get if/when you get approved for the program?

Twitter hasn’t yet provided a ton of information beyond this description:

“As a subscriber, you and your company will receive business accounts and affiliate badges through our self-service administration portal.

So you’ll get a new one golden pin for your brand, with current blue ticks that will eventually be removed from legacy verified accounts. Twitter hasn’t given a date for when this will happen, but essentially, if you want to keep your company’s verification, you’ll eventually need to sign up for this new program — which will also see your brand logo added to an employee account, subject to your approval.

Twitter verification for organizations

How much will it cost? He has no idea.

Twitter didn’t release that information either – so you’re actually signing up for advanced access to the gold checkmark, as opposed to the blue, square profile picture and associated badges. For a fee of some description.

You’d also assume Twitter would be looking to charge more than the $8 a month it currently offers for its personal Twitter Blue verification package – but again, we don’t have anything definitive at this stage.

Will it be worth it?

Well, without the full details Check for organizations package, it’s hard to say, but based on the information we have, it doesn’t seem like it would be worth paying to maintain your official status on a platform that is slowly degrading over time and also allows many extremists and conspiracy theorists who were previously banned from the app , which is probably not good for brand placement.

But some stamps will pay. How much we can’t tell, but some will already be signed up to a waiting list, and various companies will be willing to pay for the perceived level of authority that comes with that Twitter 2.0 subscription.

But when anyone can pay for a tick, there’s no real authority there anymore, is there? Like, as soon as Twitter started allowing users to pay for the blue tick, it immediately lost the value they were charging, and the same goes for brands. If Twitter doesn’t thoroughly vet apps (as it doesn’t with Twitter Blue logins), then that ‘vetting’ doesn’t really mean anything.

If this is the case, then any business, even the most questionable operators you can imagine, will soon be able to buy a gold tick and present themselves as legitimate.

Which, again, seems like it immediately erodes the value proposition – but maybe there’s more to it than that, with improved analytics, content management, maybe Twitter has a broader package it’s working on for the program and just hasn’t disclosed everything yet.

Perhaps that’s why Twitter is phasing out third-party apps and tools, as it’s part of a broader effort to keep that information in-house and add similar functionality to its offerings.

We don’t know, but you can apply for the program now, if you’re really interested.

Twitter says it will reviewing applications and opening access to a ‘limited group on an ongoing basis over the coming weeks’.

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