Year of the Rabbit: Is Miffy the New It Girl of 2023?

Models wear designer Miffy colabs

‘Miffy gives the main character energy’ (Image: Tommy Hilfiger/Mulberry)

The year is 2023, and Miffy really is THE girl.

The Dutch cartoon character has been blowing up on TikTok for a while now.

Everything Miffy, from lamps to mugs to plushies, seems to be a big deal, with videos of Miffy’s moves garnering tens, if not hundreds of thousands of likes on the social media platform.

It strongly resembles Hello Kitty. The adorable cat has become stratospherically popular from the 90s until today.

Now the Miffy bunny is included in the collections of designers such as Mulberry and Tommy Hilfiger.

Could the rabbit be the next children’s character to dominate the fashion world for generations?

Kirsty Keoghan, global GM of fashion at eBay UK, tells ‘We see customers coming to us after missing out on the Miffy collaborations the first time around.’

She adds that this week alone the platform has seen a 170% increase in searches for ‘Miffy Mulberry’.

SilkFred head stylist Megan Watkins says the whole thing could also have a lot to do with the Lunar New Year, but as such, Miss Miffy’s current level of popularity won’t last.

‘[The Lunar New Year has] became a pivotal period for luxury fashion brands,’ she explains, ‘with Gucci and Prada creating collections and marketing campaigns focused on tradition to boost their sales in China.

The region should become the largest luxury market by 2025, and 2023 is the year of the rabbit according to the Chinese calendar. Therefore, companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and Mulberry took the opportunity to include the globally famous rabbit in their campaigns.’

Indeed, the Tommy Hilfiger site has a Miffy page that says: ‘Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit in style.’

‘Designer support and broad promotions could certainly catapult Miffy to newfound fame in 2023,’ says Megan, ‘especially in East Asian markets.

‘But probably this campaign will be the highlight.’

Mulberry x Miffy phone case

Peek-a-boo (Image: Mulberry)

Chinti and Parker meet Miffy

‘2023. is still the year of the rabbit’ (Image: Chinti and Parker)

Celeb stylist Lauren Glazer agrees that the Year of the Rabbit has a role to play here.

‘Miffy gives the main character energy,’ she says. ‘Miffy is a cartoon that is associated with cheerfulness and a free spirit. It’s also quite simple looking so it’s relatable to everyone, it’s a crowd pleaser, which is why brands are working with it.’

Lauren also points out that Chinti and Parker also have a Miffy collection.


Cute (photo: Tommy Hilfiger)

When it comes to Miss Kitty White, she adds: ‘Hello Kitty and Adidas colab sneakers are currently on sale on Asos, and I’m sure I’ll see them again this year. But 2023 is still the year of the rabbit.

‘Miffy was ultimately the true OG – created in 1955. Hello Kitty debuted in 1974 and will always be everyone’s friend, but maybe 2023 is Miffy’s time to shine.’

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